Definitions for "HES"
Hamlet Evaluation System, showed the status of pacification program
Hamlet Evaluation System. An evaluation system devised and run by Americans in Saigon which required monthly computerized reports from all the DSAs in the country.
House Exchange System. A hybrid system combining the features of a push-button intercom and a normal telephone. HES telephones can thus make both internal and external calls without the need for an operator or any kind of internal exchange. Being large and complex, HES telephones are scorned by most collectors. Inset, insert. A microphone or receiver that can be removed as a module from a telephone handset without dismantling the handset.
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Hydroxyethyl Starch
Hazard Elimination Safety
Health, Environment and Safety programs, a high-priority at all Occidental operations.
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Hurricane Evacuation Study
Hospital Episode Statistics
Hospital Eye Service