Definitions for "HDA"
Head Disk Assembly: The mechanical components of a disk drive (minus the electronics), which includes the actuators, access arms, read/write heads and platters. Typically housed in a sealed unit.
Hard Disk Assembly. The sealed part (consists of a spindal motor, voice coil actuator, platters, read/write heads, air filter, and etc) of the drive is known as the HDA.
Head/Disk Assembly. The read/write head and associated bits and pieces that read data from disks. The implication is also of a sealed unit, at least from the customer perspective, as opposed to a removable disk pack.HDA
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Hubbard Dianetic Auditor.
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Href http www cube-tec com Houpert Digital Audio a
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High Dollar ARF/ARC, this is another definition of any plane that comes from the manufacturer either partially completed to fully ready to fly. Report this Word Added by: Ram-bro
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Hubble Data Archive
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Help Desk Analyst
Highway Distribution Account
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Hazard Detection and Avoidance
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Health Development Agency