Definitions for "Hard Return"
A carriage return. This keystroke is what separates one paragraph from another.
In word processing, a line break that is manually created by pressing the Enter key. It is a character input that indicates that the present line of text has ended and a new line is to begin. It causes the cursor to move down one line and left to the beginning of the new line. A hard return stays in place when text is added or deleted. In contrast, a soft return is created automatically at the end of a line of text, but moves if text is added or deleted above it. In word-processing programs that wordwrap automatically, a hard return is still needed to create the space separating paragraphs. In programs that lack a wordwrap feature, a hard return is needed to end each line. Hard return is also called hard carriage return. See also FORCED PAGE BREAK SOFT RETURN WORDWRAP
a return that you explicitly enter by pressing the Return or Enter
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an actual symbol inserted into the text