Definitions for "Hand-off"
An action taken to transfer the radar identification of an aircraft from one controller to another if the aircraft will enter the receiving controller's airspace, as well as transferring radio communications with the aircraft.
the transfer of a cellular phone conversation from one cell to another as a phone moves through the service area. It is performed so quickly that callers don't notice.
In a cellular network, refers to the process of terminating communications with one cell and establishing communications with an adjacent cell when a mobile user travels between cells. Hand-offs normally involve switching from one pair of frequencies to another.
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the action of the quarterback giving the ball to a running back on a designed play.
a running play where the quarterback hands the ball to a back.
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pushing a tackler with an open hand.
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To transfer a ticket back to the group upon logging out. This is usually performed when logging out for the day.
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See Handacross.