Definitions for "Greenwaste"
Keywords:  compost, yard, garden, trimmings, ard
yard waste materials including lawn clippings, leaves, weeds, tree branches, shrubs, garden trimmings and sawdust. After being collected in your dedicated greenwaste container, the greenwaste is processed and utilized in manners such as creating alternative daily cover at landfills or compost for a soil supplement.
Yard trimmings, fallen leaves, pallets, or anything that can be composted. Food scraps are not considered greenwaste, but they are nitrogen for your compost.
Also called yard waste or yard trimmings which include leaves, twigs, small branches, grass, tree trimming, and garden trimmings are all greenwaste and can be recycled by composting. ard-To-Handle Waste: Items whose dimensions exceed four feet in either width, length or height, and which require special handling.