Definitions for "Grand Tour"
Keywords:  tour, vuelta, d'italia, giro, espana
The Grand Tour was an opportunity for a young gentleman to explore the world and make his official entrance into society. The tour was a chance for young men to travel to far-away places, learn about culture and art, and refine his tastes and manners. It was also a chance to be free of supervision, a fact of which many of the men took advantage. For more information, visit an ECE student project on The Grand Tour
The grand tour is a method for viewing multivariate statistical data via orthogonal projections onto a sequence of two-dimensional subspaces. The sequence of subspaces is chosen so that it is dense in the set of all two-dimensional subspaces. Desirable properties of such sequences of subspaces are considered, and several specific types of sequences are tested for rapidity of becoming dense. Tabulations are provided of the minimum length of a grand tour sequence necessary to achieve various degrees of denseness in dimensions up to 20. [ASI85
European tour made by young, wealthy 18thC men, following completion of a formal education. The aim was to absorb the culture, history and contemporary art of the great European cities.
An extended journey through continental Europe by sons (and daughters) of the aristocracy during the 17th and 18th centuries.
a tasting of the finest wines in a given category or time from several or many wine producing regions