Definitions for "GiGi"
french pet form of "georgine" or "virginia".
Gigi is either a baby doll made by Zapf Creations in Germany or an original walking doll made by A&H. There has also occasionally been a doll line that's been named Gigi though not with the popularity of the others.
Gigi is a 1958 motion picture musical set in Paris, France. The screenplay was written by Alan Jay Lerner and the music was composed by Frederick Loewe. It is based on the bestselling novella of the same name by French author, Colette.
Keywords:  sdl, opengl, customizable, gui, ideal
GiGi is a small, efficient, and feature-rich C++ GUI for SDL and OpenGL. It is uses frame-based rendering and has fully customizable graphics, making it ideal for use in low- or high-frame rate applications and games.