Definitions for "GRAD"
Townie jargon for a (University) Student.
a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university)
A member of a Greek lettered organization that is no longer an undergraduate student, but is actively involved in the organization. This is usually done by joining a graduate or alumni chapter of the organization.
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one-hundredth of a right angle
The grad is a unit of plane angle, equivalent to of a full circle, dividing a right angle in 100. It is also known as gon, grade, or gradian (not to be confused with grade of a slope, nor with gradient). One grad equals of a degree or of a radian.
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Graduate Career
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Short for graduation; also refers to an Academy graduate
Gradient- A rate of change with respect to distance of a variable quantity, as temperature or pressure, in the direction of maximum change.