Definitions for "Gentiles"
Keywords:  goyim, goy, jew, hebrew, christian
intellectuals, those who are intellectual but their intuitional abilities (spiritual eyes) are latent. That is why Gentiles in the Bible is taken to mean Christians (especially after the Roman decline) who make up the most intellectual nations of the world (western world). Also they are the most dominating nations in the period of intellectual domination in the last two thousand three hundred years (read Commentaries on Prophecies in Daniel, Period of Intellectual Domination). However, the next ability to be awakened after the intellect is intuition. So it is evident that many will soon awaken their spiritual understanding ( intuition) for the era to come. There will be understanding, not domination
Persons who are not Jews. Because Judaism centers on a particular people (the chosen people of God, the descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), the tendency has been to define all on-Jews as belonging to the "nations of the world." The Hebrew for "nation" is goy; hence, an individual Gentile is referred to as a goy, plural goyim. Originally the term goy was used simply as a designation and had none of the pejorative meanings it later often assumed.
(a) anyone who is not a Jew. (b) a term used for "the nations" outside of the nation of Israel. The term "heathen" also means this, as opposed to "an irreligious or depraved person" as it is often used today.