Definitions for "GCF"
Keywords:  greatest, integer, largest, gcd, factor
greatest common factor. The largest factor that two or more numbers have in common. For example: 12 and 18: GCF = 6
Group Correction Factor
Greatest common factor. (1) The greatest number that is a factor of tow or more numbers. (2) The greatest number that divides two or more numbers with no remainder.
Global Certification Forum Certification body linked to the GSM Association.
Global Certification Forum Gd
Generic connector framework
Generic Connection Framework A set of input/output (I/O) classes and interfaces that abstract various I/O models and provide a factory-driven method of obtaining I/O connections to arbitrary data streams.
Gross Capital Formation
Guralp Compressed Format, used for data transmission and receiving on an RS232C serial line.
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Gatekeeper Confirm Message.
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Game Content File, where all the maps, textures, models etc. are stored.
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Grant Claim Form