Definitions for "GASTON"
Grip a handhold that is above and to the side of the body with the hand in a thumbs down position. This is a potentially dangerous body position because of the stress placed on the rotator cuff of the shoulder.
Describes a move where a hand is in the opposite directions and pulling away from the other.
A side-pull hold in front of the body, held with the thumb down
(n.) a climbing technique that involves sidepulling with an elbow pointed outward. ¤@ºØÃkµnªº§Þ³N¡G¤âÁu°1/4©Ô¦Ó¤â¨y´Â¦V¥~°1/4¡C¡iÃkµn§Þ¥©¤G¡j¡i
A climbing technique that involves side pulling with an elbow pointed outward.
Gaston is a fictional character, the main villain of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. He is voiced by Reverend/Actor Richard White.
Abbreviation for Glace Atmosphere sur Terre et Ocean Numeriques, a group performing numerical simulations of coupled ocean, atmosphere and ice models. For further details, see the GASTON Web site.