Definitions for "Handing"
Keywords:  lever, hinges, swing, door, latch
For some locks (usually specialised locks for use in the commercial sector) the handing of the door to which the lock is fitted must be specified when ordering.
On some products it's important to know the handing of the lock. Here is an easy way to figure this out: stand on the side of the door that you can see the hinges. If the lock is on the right side of the door (hinges on the left) you'll need a right hand lock, if the lock is on the left side of the door (hinges on the right) you'll need a left hand lock. Also, next to the pictures of most lever locks we show you a left or right hand lock as a guide. See handing diagram
Most leversets are required to be handed. Depending on how your door opens, the lever has to face a particular direction in order for the latch to fit into the frame. To determine handing: When standing on the exterior of the door looking inwards, the handing is which side the hinges are on. (Hinges are on the right = Right Handed Door; Hinges are on the left = Left Handed Door).
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The same as furling.