Definitions for "Galleon"
Keywords:  warship, masts, sailing, fleet, cannons
A sailing vessel of the 15th and following centuries, often having three or four decks, and used for war or commerce. The term is often rather indiscriminately applied to any large sailing vessel.
a large square rigged warship developed around 1570. The main ship of the Spanish fleet, but also used by the English, French and Dutch fleets.
A large, three-masted sailing ship generally having two or more decks and used mostly during the 15th and 16th century as a merchantman or warship
Galleon is French electro-pop duo from Marseilles, founded by Gilles Fahy (who also sings) and Phillippe Laurent.
An elderly Queen's Knight, Galleon hails from Lordlake originally. He didn't spend much time there, though, because he believes his duty is to the royal family in Sol-Falena. He believed he should have been the one to escort the Prince to Lordlake because he knows the place, but Georg thinks Ferid didn't give him the order because that would be heartless.
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Galleon is a video game developed by Toby Gard and Confounding Factor. Famously announced in Edge magazine in 1997, the game went through various incarnations and publishers before eventually being published by SCi in 2004 to fairly muted critical response. As of June 2006 the game's average press score is 6.6/10.
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a skysurfing maneuver during which the skysurfer is head-down with the tail of the board tucked tightly to his seat
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gold coin, equals 17 sickles