Definitions for "Forwarding agent"
A company or individual performing or arranging services related to the international movements of commodities on behalf and on order of a company or person. A forwarding agent offers the technical knowledge for taking care of all aspects of shipment but does not provide the function of a prime carrier.
A firm which organises and arranges for the carriage of goods.
Arranges the carriage of goods and the associated formalities on behalf of the shipper or the receiver. In some instances the Forwarding agent may be the operator of the service used eg Driver accompanied Trailer service from the originating country to destination country
a person or entity, usually in a foreign city, who sends a piece of mail entrusted to him on to an addressee in the most expeditious manner. This was a service made obsolete by the formation of the Universal Postal Union.
A firm specializing in shipping goods abroad. Payments made for insurance and other expenses are charged to the foreign buyer.
a consecrated Christian, dedicated to missions, who is an extension of the missionary
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