Definitions for "formica"
A thermosetting plastic material composed of melamine resin, having good heat and chemical resistance, and commonly used as the surface layer in laminated sheets employed as coverings for counter tops, walls, or furniture.
A brand name for a plastic laminate.
A trade term for a plastic laminate.
A Linnæan genus of hymenopterous insects, including the common ants. See Ant.
type genus of the Formicidae
Formica is a genus of ants. Species of the Forelian formica group, whose type is the Red or Southern Wood Ant Formica rufa, are generally referred to as the wood ants. Many of the better known species have common names that usually include the words "wood ant", although F.rufa is also known as the "horse ant".
What is it: ---------- A simulation of a very simplified aunts nest. It is a restricted area fullfill with aunts and rice. Rice is first randomly positionned in the area and aunts will sort it in a unique batch.