Definitions for "First Date"
Keywords:  know, greenway, get, starbucks, punk
a good get to know you kind of event
a good time to walk at the greenway, get coffee at Starbucks and just talk
a time that I prefer to ease in slowly and find a comfort zone
a great time to just sit back and listen to your date
an opportunity to exchange a ton of thoughts and feelings and opinions
an opportunity to visually and intellectually see if their may be an opportunity for chemistry and to date
Keywords:  resturant, good
a good resturant
Keywords:  resposes, happens, judge, depends, hard
a hard one to judge because it depends on the womans resposes depends on what happens
Keywords:  impression, try, big, best, important
a very big impression
a very important time for both and each one will put on there best face and try to make an impression
Keywords:  interview, lot, whole, job
a whole lot like a job interview
Keywords:  ideal, occasion, another, may, person
a personalized occasion, what I might do with one person may not be the the ideal for another
Keywords:  little, different
a little different
an important step in a development of a new relationship
Keywords:  enough, new, interesting, person
a new person, that is interesting enough