Definitions for "Fetish"
A material object supposed among certain African tribes to represent in such a way, or to be so connected with, a supernatural being, that the possession of it gives to the possessor power to control that being.
Any object to which one is excessively devoted.
The dictionary's definition of fetish is excessive sexual focus on an object of fixation. Fetish fashion covers a wide range of fabrics such as leather, PVC, vinyl, rubber, and latex. It also includes items such as stilletto heels, thigh high boots, corsets and bondage gear or other items of clothing that one might become fixated on. See BDSM.
excessive or irrational devotion to some activity; "made a fetish of cleanliness"
an "abnormal " or irrational sexual attraction to something
a stand-in for something we aren't able to grasp whole
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See Fetich, n., Fetichism, n., Fetichistic, a.
a way of bringing the psychological nature of sexual desire more to the forefront
getish photography is adult in nature but not always sexually explicit, and generally centers around a main theme. It tends to be photographed in harsh light and extreme settings, and often includes the use of props. Examples include bondage, leather, feet, etc.
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An animal skin hanging from a stick. It was used by the cults of Osiris and Anubis.
a reassuring substitute against castration anxiety and evidences both repressed homosexuality and/or defends a heterosexual against his homosexuality
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an interst takin in a particular area