Definitions for "Fee simple defeasible"
A fee simple estate to which certain conditions or limitations attach, such that the estate may be defeated or terminated upon the happening of an act or event. Also called a fee simple subject to a condition subsequent estates. Back to the Top
(See Defeasible Title).
An estate in land in which the holder has a fee simple title subject to being divested upon the happening of a specified condition; also called a qualified fee or a defeasible fee. There are two categories of fee defeasible estates--fee simple determinable and fee simple subject to a condition subsequent. The term fee simple determinable implies that the duration of the estate can be determined from the deed itself. This is not true of a fee simple subject to a condition subsequent, in which case the estate's duration depends on the grantor's independent choice of whether to terminate the estate. (See fee simple determinable, fee simple subject to a condition subsequent)
Any limitation on property use that could result in loss of the right of ownership.