Definitions for "Fax Machine"
Device that scans an image and sends it electronically over telephone lines to a receiving fax machine, which converts the electronic signals back to an image and recreates it on paper.
Facsimile machines (Fax Machines), can send or receive pictures and text over a telephone line. Fax machines digitize an image -- dividing it into a grid of dots. The dots are treated as on or off, thus represented as a grid 1's or 0's- a bitmap. The bitmap is converted into an analogue signal for transfer via telephone lines, and then reconstructed into the digital bitmap by the receiving fax machine. The bitmap is then quantisized, converted into an image for output (printing).
For sending/receiving data through the telephone line.
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a printer/scanner with a modem and a CPU connected to a phone line
a simple scanner, and therefore, can be used to automate document workflow
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