Definitions for "Fastness"
Keywords:  fading, dye, stuff, alkali, resist
Ability of a dye or pigment to withstand washing, boiling, or exposure to light.
Resistance to colour fading.
A carpet's ability to resist fading from exposure to light sources, atmospheric degradation, and cleaning agents.
Keywords:  swift
The state of being fast or swift.
A fast place; a stronghold; a fortress or fort; a secure retreat; a castle; as, the enemy retired to their fastnesses in the mountains.
Keywords:  conciseness, style
Conciseness of style.
The state of being fast and firm; firmness; fixedness; security; faithfulness.
a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens; "the project advanced with gratifying speed"
a strongly fortified defensive structure
Retention of color by carpets and other materials.
Keywords:  quality, fixed, place
the quality of being fixed in place