Definitions for "Farmers Market"
Keywords:  growers, sell, venue, weekly, consumers
a centralized location, usually in populated areas, that provides a facility for vegetable growers to sell their produce
a focal point where producer and processors gather on a regular basis to offer home-grown produce, agricultural and home-crafted products to sell directly to consumers
a good place for new growers who are perfecting production skills and learning which products customers want most
The Farmers Market is a historic Los Angeles landmark and tourist destination which first opened in 1934.
Farmers Market is a Norwegian free-jazz band founded in 1991. Humorous arrangements, odd time signatures and influences from jazz, pop and Bulgarian folk music are characteristic to their style.
a delightful counterpoint to modern life, a little patch of green in an asphalt city, an oasis of sight and touch and smell in a climate-controlled, vacuum-sealed world
a great place to get educated about food, if you make the effort
a happening place every Saturday during the warm weather, a Fall Fair every autumn, and the Lantern Festival creatively brings in the New Year
a place where a group of farmers and sometimes
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a short drive to obtain your groceries for your stay if you wish to cook up your own hawaian treats
Keywords:  ozark, forge, good, doing, communities
a good example of the community development work FORGE is doing in several Ozark communities
Keywords:  wonderful, steady, meet, channels, lead
a wonderful place to meet people and develop steady customers, which can also lead to additional marketing channels
a location where producers congregate to offer fruits