Definitions for "Exclusive Use"
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The rental of a carrier's entire cargo space by one shipper.
Vehicles that a carrier assigns to a specific shipper for its exclusive use.
Rental of entire truck or van by one shipper.
The operation of certain Keep In Touch processes requires exclusive use of the software.  That means that all users except the operator of the process must exit the software before the process can be performed.  Whenever screen instructions or documentation indicates exclusive use, make sure other users have exited the software before beginning.  The process must terminate before other users can reenter the system.  Exclusive use prevents other users from altering critical data during intricate processing or from locking the database when another user is to importing a large data file.
Your group will be the only guests at the venue. A supplement is usually charged to allow for normal takings in say Bar, Restaurant.
From the Act....corporation may grant a lease to an owner of a unit permitting that owner to exercise exclusive possession in respect of an area or areas of the common property... for example, balconies, parking stalls, storage etc.
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A term applied to usage of the video data stream and controls on a pathway. A pathway in exclusive-use mode is available for writing of controls only to the client that requested the exclusive use, yet any application may read the controls on that pathway.
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