Definitions for "Exchange program"
A program that sends students to study in other countries and allows students from those countries to exchange places with its participants.
a direct linkage between The University of Alabama and an overseas sister institution
an option that enables you to spend one or two semesters of your degree program at a university in another country
A program that allows a proposed insured who is replacing a policy to obtain the new policy on the basis of little or no evidence of insurability if his or her insurability has recently been established by the company that issued the original policy.
(as defined by Arizona Stature) .means any method, arrangement or procedure for the voluntary exchange among timeshare interval owners of the right to use and occupy accommodations and facilities in a timeshare project. Exchange program does not include an assignment of the right to use and occupy accommodations and facilities to purchasers or owners pursuant to a multi-site project reservation system.. The exchange programs are most successful for those flexible in their vacation planning. Restricting demand to a specific date/week or resort may reduce the chances of obtaining an exact request.
a more independent adventure than a field school
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