Definitions for "Epsilon "
the epsilon symbol, , expresses per 10 deviation of sample from a standard; it is also used in fractionation studies to symbolize enrichment.
Fifth Letter of the Greek Alphabet. The font "Symbol" most often used on American Computers to Type Cyrillic Letters places it in ASCII 69- the space for capital "E." It looks just like an "E."
the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet
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The change in the price of an option associated with a 1% change in the implied variety of the option.
Technical analysis term equal to the average daily price change divided by the difference between the 52-week high and low prices.
The change in the price of an option associated with a 1% change in implied volatility(technically the first derivative of the option price with respect to volatility). Also referred to as eta, vega, omega and kappa.
EPSILON is a powerful Open Source wavelet image compressor. The project is aimed on distributed and robust image processing.
a leading user of the RouteSmart technologies in Greece
a national professional fraternity promoting women in pharmacy
Epsilon is a multi-platform programmers editor that does syntax highlighting, brace matching, etc. It has built-in support for Perl, C, Java, shell scripting, and many other languages.
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This is the ratio of the aerosol optical depth at 765 nm to the aerosol optical depth at 865 nm.
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Epsilon is a free extend-able community management system. Right now the software includes a powerful web log software.