Definitions for "Wavelet"
Wavelet, a C++ class library for Wavelet transforms on images.
Compression that is optimised for images containing low amounts of data. The relatively inferior image quality is offset against the low bandwidth demands on transmission mediums.
Wavelet compression works by analyzing an image and converting it into a set of mathematical expressions that can then be decoded by the receiver. Wavelet compression is scalable, depending on the features of the encoding application.
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A little wave; a ripple.
a small wave on the surface of a liquid
a circular shaped wave much like the ripple you would get from dropping a small pebble into a pond
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WSQ WT-062
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wavetable WB
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a gaussian average
a compact analysing kernel that can be moved over a sequence of data to measure variation locally
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a coil that can also be wider or narrower
A digital file commonly used in digital recording, which contains a representation of sound waves in digital form; limited in duration and frequency.
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See wave train.