Definitions for "Endothelium"
The thin epithelium lining the blood vessels, lymphatics, and serous cavities. See Epithelium.
the layer of flat cells that lines the blood and lymph vessels, the heart, and other structures in the body
thele = nipple; the special name for epithelium (q.v.) lining blood and lymph vessels.
Neurotransmitter Virulence
Ophthalmologist Virulence
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Paresis Xerostomia
Keywords:  monovision
Keywords:  paediatric, trophic
Paediatric Trophic
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Otolaryngology Vertigo
Keywords:  vasculitis, ocular
Ocular Vasculitis
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Myocardium Ventricular
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Niacin Toxins
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Neuronal Valerian
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Neonatal Tone
Perfect 20/20 vision, there is no need for lasik surgery or any other vision correction.
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Optic Vascular
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