Definitions for "Lymph vessels"
the vessels of the lymphatic system, which carry lymph around the body.
A network of vessels that circulate lymph and branch into all the tissues of the body.
The heart pumps the blood around through the arteries. The arteries branch off into ever smaller venules, then into capilleries. Fluid and nutrients seep through the capillary walls and end up in the tissues. At the other end of the capilleries fluid and waste products are drawn back into circulation and transported back to the heart in ever widening veins. However, not all tissue fluid is reabsorbed into circulation. A part, called lymph, is drained off through a network of very fine vessels without blood cells, the lymph capilleries. This drainage takes place at a much slower pace than circulation. Through collection depots, lymph nodes, the lymph arrives in larger vessels and is eventually returned back in the blood circulation near the heart.
A network of thin tubes that collect lymph from different parts of the body and return it to the bloodstream.
channels or ducts that contain and convey lymph; also called lymphatics.