Definitions for "DWI "
Abbreviation for driving while intoxicated.
riving hile ntoxicated. Variations are DUI - riving nder the nfluence, and DWAI - riving hile bility mpaired. These offenses are found in New York's Vehicle & Traffic Law. A similar offense is BWI - oating hile ntoxicated. (see 1192)
Descriptive Word Index / Driving While Intoxicated
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DWI, Data With Interaction, is an Object-to-Relational Mapping -based RAD system for rapidly creating data-driven desktop GUI applications. It maps SQL tables into several object systems, including QOF, GLib GObjects, and GTK/GNOME. It can be used with the Glade GUI designer. It supports multiple databases through ODBC and libdbi.
Descriptive Word Index. Separate volumes waaaay at the back of each West digest set. They are designed to let you easily find the right Key Numbers for problems you are researching. You use them as you would any other alphabetically arranged index. Just look up the words that describe the persons, transactions, remedies or causes of action involved in your research problem, and the index entries for those words point you to the part of the digest where headnotes referring to the cases discussing your problem are found.
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Drinking Water Inspectorate
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Department of Work and Income
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Two, both.