Definitions for "Ducks"
Nickname for penguins. alo Class of atmospheric phenomenon similar to a rainbow but caused by the refraction of light by ice crystals. The most common halo, called a parhely, shows as a rainbow circle 22° around the sun, sometimes a secondary circle is visible 46° around the sun and in even better conditions other structures are visible: sundogs and Peary's arcs. Right: A special case of Halo with visible Lowitz arcs.
Slang for two twos in the hole.
Slang for Deuces or twos. Also called quackers.
buckskinners who can be counted on to show up for an event no matter how bad the weather may be. I picked up this term at a rendezvous in Spirit Lake, North Idaho. The best day was when it only rained, there was no hail, and the wind didn't knock any limbs out of the trees
any property that has a recreational value related to duck or duck hunting . Generally these properties have habitat for wintering and/or resident ducks and may contain bottomland hardwood timber or open water features such as ponds or impoundments managed for ducks.
The most common bird used in retriever training.  Waterfowl.
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Object marbles, to be shot at.