Definitions for "DST"
A data format used by early versions of FIGARO. The CONVERT utility provides facilities for translating DST files to NDF.
A data format used by some versions of FIGARO. The CONVERT utility provides facilities for translating DST format to and from NDF.
Daylight saving time. Daylight Saving Time (DST) or Summer Time as it is called in many countries, is a way of getting more daylight out of the summer days by advancing the clocks by one hour during the summer. Then, the sun will appear to rise one hour later in the morning when people are usually asleep anyway, at the benefit of one hour longer evenings when awake. The sunset and sunrise are one hour later than during normal time
Daylight savings time.
Daylight Saving Time. More information: Daylight Saving Time
Direct Stream Transfer, a method of losslessly compressing DSD audio so that a full 6 channels of audio can be stored on a SACD disc.
Used in SACD production, DST is a lossless compression technique (no data is lost during compression). This technology allows for two programs of content to be printed on the same disc: a 2-channel program and a 6-channel program. Designed by Sony and Philips.
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De la Surveillance du Territoire
Drill Stem Test
See dynamic solvency testing.
Drug Susceptibility Testing
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will dump an Amiga structure showing you the name of the members and their value. It is in JU:DUMP_STRUCT. Check it out.
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Double Stack Train. Rail or train capable of carrying two 40' containers, one on top of the other.
Double Stack Train. Rail or train made to carry two 40' containers, stacked one on top of the other.
Data Support Team
Data Station Termination
Abbreviation for dispersion supported transmission. In electrical TDM systems, a transmission system that would allow data rates at 40 Gb/s by incorporating devices such as SOAs.
A desktop support technician (DST) acts as a vital point of contact between a company and its customers. The DST provides services to customers, knowledge workers, and the company. The role of a DST is the timely resolution of incidents, problems, errors, and inquiries as specified in the Service Level Agreements ( SLAs).
Embroidery Machines Graphics File
Digital Signature Trust. A Certificate Authority (Trusted Third Party) that offers domain name registration services, authentication, validation, and payment services.
Department of Science and Technology
Transfer agent computer system provider.