Definitions for "Versions"
Keywords:  album, mymp, momma, thievery, remixes
Versions is an album by Thievery Corporation, released in 2006. The album consists of a collection of hard to find remixes done by Thievery Corporation, largely of other artists' material, and the original Thievery Corporation track, "Originality".
Versions is a music album of Philippine acoustic band MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud). It was released under Ivory Records.
Poison The Well has finalized the track listing for its new full-length album, "Versions", due in April 3, 2007 via Ferret Music. This will be the band's first release since 2003's You Come Before You (Atlantic Records), which has sold over 130,000 copies in the U.S. to date.
Binocular rotations of the eyes in qualitatively the same direction.
A variant of some element (typically a document or a product); later versions of this element typically expand on earlier versions.
A system can be defined as a queue of many stable versions. Potentially, each version reflects new functionality or improvements in quality.
Applications with the same ID but different validity dates.