Definitions for "DSI"
Digital Speech Interpolation. An ISV that has developed ASAI-compliant CTI applications, including Mosaix®.
Digital Speech Interpolation. When speech is digitized, it can be cut into slices such that no bits are transmitted when a person is silent. As soon as speech begins, bits flow again.
See Digital Speech Interpolation.
See Direct Spark Ignition
The method of igniting the main burner on a propane-fired appliance. The burner is lit with an electric spark and the flame is monitored by an electronic circuit board. This ignition system is used in refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters.
Direct Spark Ignition. A system that provides direct ignition to the main burner.
Data search information. Navigation and search information contained in the DVD-Video data stream. DSI and PCI together make up an overhead of about 1 Mbps.
Data Search Information. Information for Fast Forward/Fast Backward and seamless playback. This is real time control data spread throughout the DVD-Video data stream. Along with PGCI, these packets are part of the 1.00 mbit/sec overhead in video applications (Book B). These packets contain navigation information which makes it possible to search and maintain seamless playback of the Video Object Unit (VOBU). The most important field in this packet is the sector address where the first reference frame of the video object begins. Advanced angle change and presentation timing are included to assist seamless playback.
See Data Search Information (DSI).
Diffusion Sélective de l'Information
Delivered Source Instructions. The number of source lines of code developed by the project. The number of DSIs is the primary input to many software cost estimating tools. The term delivered is generally meant to exclude non-delivered support software such as test drivers. The term source instructions includes all program instructions created by project personnel and processed into machine code by some combination of preprocessors, compilers, and assemblers. It excludes comments and unmodified utility software. It includes job control language, format statements, and data declarations.
Dynamic Skeleton Interface. An API that provides a way to deliver requests from an ORB to an object implementation when the type of the object implementation is not known at compile time. DSI, which is the server side analog to the client side DII, makes it possible for the application programmer to inspect the parameters of an incoming request to determine a target object and method.
Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Still under research, this condition keeps a person from accurately interpreting sensation. Individuals will either feel bombarded by stimulus, or mute to it. Sensory integration therapy, which involves balancing, climbing and other sensory activities, has been used to exercise and stabilize the sensory processing of DSI patients.
Dual sensory impairment. Refers to an abnormal function of two of the 5 receptive pathways (vision, auditory, olfactory, tactile, taste).
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Developmental Services Institution
Division of Scientific Investigations
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Defense Simulation Internet