Definitions for "Dry brush"
Any textured application of paint where your brush is fairly dry (thin or thick paint) and you rely the hairs of your brush, the angle of attack of your stroke, and the paper's surface texture to create broken areas of paint. Study the range of technique in Andrew Wyeth's drybrush watercolors. Used for rendering a variety of textured surfaces: stone, weathered wood, foliage, lakes and rivers, bark, clouds. • See drybrush tutorial.
Mainly used in watercolor, this involves applying paint with a dry or slightly damp brush. The hairs are sometimes held with the fingers to give a feathering effect.
A technique used to simulate wear and tear on a model. A brush that's almost free of paint is used and run across an edge or raised area to give a weathered or worn look. Note thought that dry brush ing can ruin a brush quickly, so it can be advisable to use an older brush.