Definitions for "Drums"
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Typically 55 gallon drums are used in chemical feed applications.
Same as barrels
A directory of manufacturers of stainless steel drums, 55 gallon drums, fiber & plastic drums, barrels, cans and plastic pails.
The collective term for the rotary vessel in which many processes of tanning are now carried out. First used by tanners in Mechelen, Belgium in the 1600s to help speed up the tanning of leather for wall hangings. Tanners legally opposed this innovation as they said true leather needed nine months in pits. The drums were turned by foot. Drums became common only towards the end of the 19th century.
A musical instrument useful for making the worship more joyous.
and other musical instruments may be ritual tools (or just very special) so don't handle other people's drums, rattles, etc. without their permission. (See "ritual tools".)
Circular stamped metal parts attached at various locations along the tubular shaft that allows the sheet door curtain to coil up when the door is opened.
spools that wind up the cable. They are attached to the ends of the Spring Bar.
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The plural of "drum", this term often is used to refer to a drum set