Definitions for "Drop Box"
The metal container attached to a gaming station for deposit of cash drop/ rake and certain documents received at a gaming station as provided by these standards. The game type, table number, and shift are indicated in the box.
The common term for our portable fiber termination outlets. Drop boxes are used in the laboratory areas of the Media Lab, typically open areas where tables and machines move fairly often [Go to source
A shared folder with privileges that allow other users to write to, but not read, the folder's contents. Only the owner has full access. Drop boxes should only be created using AFP. When a folder is shared using AFP, the ownership of an item written to the folder is automatically transferred to the owner of the folder, thus giving the owner of a drop box full access to and control over items put into it.
A package receptacle similar to a mailbox where customers deposit their small-package shipments instead of having a courier pickup.
The container in the bottom of the cabinet that catches and holds coins when the hopper is full. In bill acceptors, the lower compartment where bills are deposited.
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a really bad idea IMO
This is an account used solely for forwarding messages to a spammer's "real" email address. See SPAM.
a funny way to present this information as you normally expect one to do something
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a pixel group that is lowered, white, is longer than it is tall, and has a downward facing triangle to the right
a small window positioned on top of all windows on your desktop