Definitions for "Drill Through"
Keywords:  cube, fedscope, iwq, powerplay, cognos
Data analysis that goes from an OLAP cube into the relational database.
An action to access information contained in another FedScope report. You can replace data in a FedScope table with data from a different quarter by drilling through to a different cube. To drill through to another cube, click on the drill through icon on the FedScope toolbar.
To view the information linked to a value in a report, cube, or macro, or a PowerPlay cube, PowerPlay report, PowerPlay Web report, Impromptu report, Impromptu Web report, or Cognos Web Query (IWQ) report. For example, you can drill through a value to view the detailed sales transactions for a particular customer. Any filtering of information in the original object is automatically applied. In Cognos Planning, drill through is not supported. However, you can look up values from another cube, or update a plan using values from another plan that has the same set of dimensions.
A technique in which a user can see the underlying detail related to an aggregate.