Definitions for "Drafts"
an international bank cheque issued in a foreign currency. Bank of Queensland can issue drafts immediately on request in all major currencies. Drafts are an economical method of making payment to someone overseas and can be posted safely by airmail.
Uncompleted or unsent e-mail messages.
When a regiment was reduced in strength and not in a situation to be able to recruit up to authorized strength, it was typically disbanded (drafted); the officers might be placed in other corps or retired upon half pay (seconded). The men (drafts) typically received leave to choose which regiment they wished to serve in, or were placed on purpose in another regiment that wished to be brought up to strength.
Term applied to a group of lambs marketed by a producer.
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Can be cold-air drafts from windows or doors, ...
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Checks used to withdraw money from an account
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versions of a text