Definitions for "DPO"
The average number of days from invoice receipt to the issuance of a payment by an A/P department.
Days Payable Outstanding. The number of days a business takes to pay its accounts payable, on average.
See days payable outstanding.
District Police Officer
see Discontinued Post Office
Deputized Patrol Officer. Any Employee who is a deputized patrol officer employed by the Stanford University Department of Public Safety and whose terms of employment are governed by the agreement between the Stanford Deputy Sheriffs' Association and the University.
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DIRECT PLACEMENT OFFERING. Many companies having been balking at paying the fees required by Wall Street firms to market their securities offerings. Consequently some have used mechanisms like the Internet to directly place their offerings into investor hands. The only thing that allows this to work is that only accredited investors are allow to view the information, and or purchase the offerings.
Direct Public Offering. This is an offering in which a company sells its shares directly to the public without the help of underwriters. Liquidity of these offerings are very limited.
Direct Public Offering. To avoid the expense of high-priced lawyers and investment bankers, some companies try to go it alone by selling their shares directly to the public. This has been used by small consumer products companies with loyal customers. These offerings are usually extremely small and highly illiquid.
An option of coverage under Delta Dental.
a dental benefit plan in which participating dentists agree to accept a list of specific fees as the total fees for dental treatment provided (also see DeltaPreferred Option/USA Network, DeltaPreferred Option/USA Provider).
Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope. A type of digital oscilloscope that models the display characteristics of an analog oscilloscope while providing digital oscilloscope benefits such as waveform storage. The DPO oscilloscope provides intensity-graded viewing of signal characteristics in real time, and displays signals in three dimensions: amplitude, time and the distribution of amplitude over time.
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Departmental Purchase Order. UNC's small dollar purchase order used to order materials or services with a cost of $1000 or less.
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Documentary Proof of Origin
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Mail Sorting Centre
(Distinct Point of Origin) - a unique address from which a browser connects to a Web site on the Internet.