Definitions for "DPB"
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Parameter block describing logical disk layout for the BDOS
this is the Database Parameter Buffer, a char array used to communicate parameters and their respective values to the engine when using API calls. A DPB includes a first byte with its version and a cluster of bytes for each parameter, where each cluster has one byte for the parameter type, the length of the cluster after the type and the bytes themselves that carry the information, depending on the parameter type.
disk parameter block. Data structure referenced by one or more disk parameter headers. The disk parameter block defines disk characteristics in the fields listed below: SPT is the total number of sectors per track. BSH is the data allocation block shift factor. BLM is the data allocation block mask. EXM is the extent mask determined by BLS and DSM. DSM is the maximum data block number. DRM is the maximum number of directory entries-1. AL0 reserves directory blocks. AL1 reserves directory blocks. CKS is the number of directory sectors check summed. OFF is the number of reserved system tracks. The address of the disk parameter block is located in the disk parameter header at DPbase + 0AH. CP/M Function 31 returns the DPB address. Drives with the same characteristics can use the same disk parameter header, and thus the same DPB. However, drives with different characteristics must each have their own disk parameter header and disk parameter blocks. When the BDOS calls the SELDSK entry point in the BIOS, SELDSK must return the address of the drive's disk parameter header in register HL.
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