Definitions for "Extended partition"
Keywords:  partition, mbr, logical, boot, disk
A type of partition that is an extension of a primary partition. It's possible to have many extended partitions on a hard drive.
Extended partitions were developed in response to the need for more than four partitions per disk drive. An extended partition can itself contain multiple partitions and this extends the number of partitions possible on a single drive. An extended partition is a container for logical drives that are formatted and assigned drive letters. The introduction of extended partitions was driven by increasing capacities of new disk drives.
A portion of a basic disk that can contain logical drives. Use an extended partition if you want to have more than four volumes on your basic disk. Only one of the four partitions allowed per physical disk can be an extended partition, and no primary partition needs to be present to create an extended partition. Extended partitions can be created only on basic disks. See also Basic disk, Logical drive, Partition, Primary partition, Active partition.