Definitions for "Discretization"
(v) The method of dividing more complex geometry into simpler geometry. A discretized model can be manipulated using techniques such as finite element analysis, in which all the simple geometric components of a model are evaluated simultaneously.
In SUTRA, discretization is the process of or result of approximating the physical system (spatially) as an assemblage of discrete elements and (temporally) as a series of discrete time steps. Smaller elements or steps result in finer discretization; larger elements or steps result in coarser discretization.
In kriging, the process of approximating the area of a block by a finite array of points.
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Discretization groups related values together under a single value (or bin). This reduces the number of distinct values in a column. Fewer bins result in models that build faster. Many ODM algorithms (NB, ABN, etc.) may benefit from input data that is discretized prior to model building, testing, computing lift, and applying (scoring). distance-based (clustering algorithm) Distance-based algorithms rely on a distance metric (function) to measure the similarity between data points. Data points are assigned to the nearest cluster according to the distance metric used.