Definitions for "Discounted"
The factoring in of expected upcoming news into a security's value.
Rate A discounted rate gives you a reduction of, for example, 2% off the standard variable rate (SVR) for a specific period. So, during this period should the SVR rise and fall, you will still qualify for the discount and therefore pay a lower rate.
A commonly used term in foreign exchange trading describing the process of considering the impact of certain information or events before the information or event occurs, therefore limiting the impact of the event itself. For example, the U.S. dollar may weaken since many traders anticipate the U.S. Federal Reserve will lower the interest rate. Therefore, the market has already responded to an expected event, limiting the effect once the Fed actually cuts the rates. The market is said to have discounted the information, already taking the information into account and the results of the information is already represented in the rates of exchange.
an economic adjustment based on the assumption that people place greater value on something they have today than something they will have in the future.
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A bond that is selling below its par value.