Definitions for "defer"
To wait or postpone an action, such as a payment, until a later date.
To put off; to postpone to a future time; to delay the execution of; to delay; to withhold.
To put off; to delay to act; to wait.
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Refers to the specific period of time until an offender in prison will next be considered for release to the community on parole. For example, a "12 month defer" means that the Parole Commission has considered the facts in an inmate's case, including the offender's adjustment, participation in treatment, etc., and has decided against release at that time, but will review the case again in 12 months to see if the offender is appropriate for release at that time. to top
Create a vectored word. DEFER creates a function that has a user variable area storage cell containing a pointer to the word it will execute when it is called. It is a vectored execution word. Use IS to change what a deferred word will execute. Use WHAT's to get the CFA of what a deferred word will execute. DEFER EXAMPLE EXAMPLE ( will print nothing, calls QUIT ) ' ORDER IS EXAMPLE ( will set EXAMPLE to execute ORDER ) EXAMPLE ( will execute ORDER ) WHAT'S EXAMPLE ( will leave the CFA of ORDER ) NAME ID. ( prints ORDER ) See the section on DEFER under Forth Tools. Related Words: WHAT'S IS GLOBAL-DEFER
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To lay before; to submit in a respectful manner; to refer; -- with to.
To yield deference to the wishes of another; to submit to the opinion of another, or to authority; -- with to.
submit or yield to another's wish or opinion; "The government bowed to the military pressure"
This occurs when the Council concludes that a particular item should be deferred for further consideration at the next or a subsequent Council meeting.
derive different display downward(s)
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To render or offer.