Definitions for "Cowl"
A monk's hood; -- usually attached to the gown. The name was also applied to the hood and garment together.
A cowl-shaped cap, commonly turning with the wind, used to improve the draft of a chimney, ventilating shaft, etc.
A wire cap for the smokestack of a locomotive.
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Cowl is a 2004 science fiction novel by Neal Asher. It tells of an epic time war between two factions from the 43rd century.
That part of a car's body between the engine compartment and the driver.
Front part of the vehicle passenger compartment.
a removable metal covering for an aircraft engine, providing streamlining to minimize wind resistance; -- also called cowling.
cover with or as with a cowl; "cowl the boys and veil the girls"
A protective cover for mechanical components.
A vessel carried on a pole between two persons, for conveyance of water.
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A short fitting used to join two pieces of pipe.
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Unit converted by A-class builders