Definitions for "Cores"
a lithic artifact from which flakes are removed
Nodules of stone, such as flint or obsidian, from which flakes have been struck to make stone tools, weapons, etc.
Acronym: Council of Racial and Ethnic Students. The four CORES groups and student groups that are recognized by ASMSU and have voting seats. They also share the Multicultural Center in the basement of the Union. They include: Asian Pacific American Student Organization Black Student Alliance Culturas de las Razas Unidas North American Indian Student Organization
Paper cores produced from coreboard are used by the paper and board, textile-yarn and plastic-film industries.
A steel cylinder which forms the inside dimensions of a plastic part in an injection mold.
Cores are pieces that fit into the mold to create detailed internal passages in the metal piece. Cores must be strong and hard to withstand the molten metal, and collapsible so they can be removed from the metal piece after it has cooled. To obtain these properties, resins or chemical binders are usually added to sand mixtures.
Complex, pre-designed function that will be integrated onto a larger chip.
In the semiconductor design industry, refers to predefined functions such as processors or bus interfaces that are typically licensed from the software developer. Cores can be implemented directly in silicon, either in fixed logic or programmable logic devices, and saves chip designers time during product development. Synonymous with Intellectual Property.
are cylindrical samples of rock which are obtained from drilling and tested for compressive strength
Contains the protons, neutrons, and inner electrons of an atom.