Definitions for "Commander"
Keywords:  lieutenant, captain, naval, army, rank
A chief; one who has supreme authority; a leader; the chief officer of an army, or of any division of it.
An officer who ranks next below a captain, -- ranking with a lieutenant colonel in the army.
The chief officer of a commandery.
Keywords:  mallet, fid, wooden, beetle, paving
A heavy beetle or wooden mallet, used in paving, in sail lofts, etc.
A large wooden mallet to drive the fid into the cable when in the act of splicing.
The person whose page you visited before joining, possibly the person who told you about Kings of Chaos.
The person who's page you visited before joining, probably the person who told you about WormHoleWars.
a nicely integrated box with a lockable, easy access, Lexan fire-proof cover
an integrated controller/diversion load (resistors)
Keywords:  betaboard, moderator, entire, site
a moderator for the entire BetaBoard
a site moderator
Keywords:  ramush, man, named
a man named Ramush
a dominant aircraft and its exceptional performance and appearance will be admired everywhere you take it
OpenSTA Commander is the Graphical User Interface used to develop and run HTTP/S Tests and to display the results of Test-runs for analysis. Each OpenSTA Module, provides its own Plug-ins and supplies Module-specific Test Configuration, data collection, Test-run monitoring and Results display facilities. All Plug-in functionality is invoked from Commander.
Keywords:  boring, tool, recovery, windows, rich
a more feature-rich replacement for the boring DOS-prompt in Windows
a tool that
a unique tool in the field of Windows system recovery products
someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others
a suitable position for me
One in an official position of command or control.
Keywords:  bolt, cabinet, literally, minutes, few
an all-in-one cabinet you can bolt on the wall and connect in literally a few minutes
Keywords:  mission, person
a person who commands a mission.
Keywords:  respond, object
a object that can respond to a command
Keywords:  says, great, good, per, product
a great product and per- forms as good as the company says it can
Keywords:  war, days, player, referred, person
The person who referred a player to Days of War.
Keywords:  charge, person
Person in charge.