Definitions for "Referred"
Final consonants are often doubled before suffixes (remit: remitted, remitting). However, this rule applies only to accented syllables ending on [l] and [r], e.g. "rebelled," "referred" but "traveled," "buffered" and not containing a diphthong, e.g. "prevailed," "coiled."
Cases receiving some level of service at a BCCA cancer centre or Communities Oncology clinic (eg. seen by a BCCA oncologist; cases registered with the BCCA pharmacy for drug reimbursement).
The reassignment of a bill from one committee to another.
To send a bill to a committee.
When bills are sent to a committee or moved from one committee to another, they are said to be referred.
Referred is the term used for those individuals who go through the MRP Care Manager to be "referred" for treatment.