Definitions for "Comma delimited file"
Keywords:  delimited, cdl, jtk, lxm, mccoy
a basic format for electronic data in which columns separated by a single comma are set up each field and each record is set up one per row with data for each field set in the appropriate column (see example below). This format as well as the tab delimited file are recognized by almost all database applications for import. Comma Delimited Data Example Last Name, First Name, Userid, College, Year, G.P.A. Kirk, James T., jtk000, Communications, Junior, 3.85 McCoy, Leonard, lxm000, Science, Senior, 4.00 Scott, Montgomery, mxs000, Engineering, Senior, 4.00
a database exported into a format where each record is a single line and each field in the record is indicated by a comma
an example of a text delimited file