Definitions for "Combiner"
A device used to combine 12 or more TV channels into a single cable. It exhibits high isolation between ports and good return loss to maintain picture fidelity.
An active or passive device that serves to combine several signals into one output while maintaining a high degree of isolation between each input.
A passive RF device used to add together, in equal proportion, two or more RF signals.
an electrical apparatus used to permit two battery (banks) to be charged "intelligently
an electrical apparatus used to permit two Charge time for a given ba
A beamsplitter that reflects a portion of a beam of light and transmits a portion.
A type of material that combines two textures or materials and blends them to create a new material. For more on Combiners, see the MaterialsCombiners document.
a cryptographic mechanism which mixes a confusion or keying sequence with data
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One who, or that which, combines.