Definitions for "Blends"
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Two or more types of staple fibers in one yarn to achieve color mixtures, unusual dyeing variations, or better preformance characteristics. The most common blend is cotton and polyester.
Two or more fibers combined in one fabric to bring out the best qualities of each. Example: In a cotton/polyester blend, cotton supplies softness and breath ability; polyester supplies strength and easy-care advantages. Usually referred to by two numbers such as 60/40, with each number representing the percentage of each fiber present in the yarn.
Two words that are combined to form one e.g. Motor + hotel -- motel, breakfast + lunch--brunch.
In phonics instruction, describes common sounds consisting of more than one phoneme or basic sound. Examples of blends are str (three basic sounds blended together), br (two sounds), gl, and spl.
An orthographic term referring to consonant blends. Consonant blends are made of two. or three. letter sequences that are blended together.
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